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  • All of us here in the Dreamland Studio hate waste, so as part of our zero waste initiative we're using the offcuts of our fabrics cut in-house and turning them into high quality products for our dreamers! It's a win/win situation for everyone. We have less waste, and you guys get super cool new things! What's not to love?


    This is our cropped Upside Down cotton high-waisted trousers. They extremely comfy with an elasticated waistband, perfect for chilling in the house in those upcoming cold winter nights.


    Size XS

    Waist: 28"

    Crotch: 14"/36 cm

    Leg: 23"/58 cm


    Size S

    Waist: 30"

    Crotch: 15"/38 cm

    Leg: 24"/61 cm


    Size M

    Waist: 34"

    Crotch: 16"/41 cm

    Leg: 24"/61 cm


    Size L

    Waist: 36"

    Crotch: 16"/41 cm

    Leg: 25"/63 cm


    Size XL

    Waist: 40"

    Crotch: 13"/33 cm

    Leg: 25"/63 cm

    Upside Down High-Waisted Trousers

    £55.00 Regular Price
    £35.00Sale Price
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