Ruby Coyne is a Dundee born and bred fashion graduate who is building an empire in the city. Her label Dreamland released its debut collection Welcome To Dreamland in 2015 and has since seen an incredible response in her hometown and across the world.


Dundee is widely considered to be one of Scotland’s most up-and-coming, exciting, and cultural cities. With the development of the waterfront and the imminent arrival of the V&A design museum, creativity is flourishing in many areas—but particularly in fashion.


From ASOS and Forever 21 approaching the label to ask to carry the line exclusively, to shipping off orders to USA, Europe, and Australia, the Dreamland label has had a whirlwind beginning and its popularity continues to grow. 

Ruby developed a large fashion following through her initial vintage clothing range, specializing mostly in 1980s style—an era she and her own designs are greatly influenced by. She describes her debut collection
Welcome to Dreamland as a mix of Rugrats and Saved by the Bell, offering a fresh, vibrant take on nostalgic classics.

Excitingly, Dreamland is about so much more than vivid, bold designs. The brand has a huge following sweeping across social media, using the platforms to promote individual style, self-love, and positive living. Dreamland is cool, offering the world unique clothing intertwined with a great, fun-loving message.


The Dundee based Dreamland studio has become pretty busy since launching the first collection, taking on interns and Ruby’s two dogs, Hendrix and Mr. Pickles, are regular guests too.


The new exclusive collection from the label is entitled Dimensions and is now available to purchase.



Ruby is the Creative Director and Owner of Dreamland Clothing. She is one of a kind as most of her close friends would say for sure. With endless amounts of energy and a positive outlook, Ruby likes to get Sh*t done. Her love of the 1980s – from film to fashion and everything in between - also reflects in her dress sense, interiors and her never ending 1980’s toy collection. She designs everything for Dreamland all year round, and is never without her sketchbook and pen. Ruby's other passion is her animals including her horse Pierre, after long days in the studio you will find her knee deep in horse sh*t or galavanting through the woods. She is a true Braveheart.


Favourite Thing in the world: Dogs.

Favourite Food in the world: Burrito.

Favourite Activity: Sitting in her pants playing N64/Drinking Prosecco.

Sworn Enemy: Pessimists.

Idol: Cyndy Lauper


Hendrix is the sassiest dog in the world. He is so sweet and loyal but ferocious for being the size of a mug. He is the guard dog in the studio, and likes to make everyone aware that he is in fact the boss. He has a party trick of sitting up like a Meerkat, which is pretty awesome. He was a surprise addition to the family one Christmas and was kept a secret from Ruby's parents as she popped him on the train with her back to Art school. He lasted two weeks there until Ruby admitted defeat after he shredded her and her flatmates belongings, including £100 Topshop boots. He now lives with Ruby's Mum and they are best friends.



Favourite Thing in the world: Mr. Pickles

Favourite Food in the world: Dead Things.

Favourite Activity: Rolling in dead things.

Sworn Enemy: The Hoover

Idol: Boy George

Mr. Pickles

Mr. Pickles is Ruby’s most treasured possession in the whole entire world. He is kind of awesome. He doesn’t do much, mostly sitting being admired by his adoring fans. When he is in the studio, he sleeps on a giant lilac, faux fur beanbag and releases toxic gasses which over ride the scented candles. Pickles favourite past time is going to the beach where he runs like a racehorse for the first five metres before lying down like a stranded seal pup - refusing to move. Him and Ruby are inseparable and he is her comfort blanket. He is hugely adored in the studio and by many clients too.




Favourite Thing in the world: Ruby

Favourite Food in the world: Digestive Biscuits

Favourite Activity: Sleeping

Sworn Enemy: The Bath

Idol: Notorious B.I.G.

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