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Last summer Ruby finished off her first year of Dreamland with a trip to Malta. With a blank sketchbook, she took time to reflect on the past year and learn how to move forward with the brand.


Her mind went back to her youth, with her days being spent watching programmes like Real Monsters on Nickelodeon (in fact you might spot Cynthia in the print). The characters in all these shows wore bright and playful clothing. In today’s current world, Ruby felt that clothes should be fun and colourful to counteract the daily doom and gloom. You only live life once—so don’t wear boring clothes.


The main source of inspiration in everything Ruby does is The Memphis Group movement. To take something as simple as a piece of furniture and make it a piece of well designed art inspires Ruby to do the same within her Dreamland brand. The introduction of stripes within her print really show off that the movement is a major inspiration to her. She then made it a mission to make her prints for this collection crazier than ever before.


Inspired by street wear and surf-skate culture, Ruby knew the collection had to have a relaxed and comfortable silhouette. Dreamland’s market is bold, fashion-forward and not afraid to take risks. Her brand favours slouchier fit for a more modern and contemporary look.


Her branded pieces have been included in this collection to create a cross over from the rework into mainline. With denim jackets, sweatshirts, and Hollywood inspired t-shirts, Ruby has created a full new range of Dreamland. 


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