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  • All of us here in the Dreamland Studio hate waste, so as part of our zero waste initiative we're using the offcuts of our fabrics cut in-house and turning them into high quality products for our dreamers! It's a win/win situation for everyone. We have less waste, and you guys get super cool new things! What's not to love?


    This is our Aztec vintage cotton ruffled tote bag. Perfect to match with your favourite outfits for that classic 80s and 90s vibe. The fabric used for this bag is vintage fabric from the nineties that we have saved the sad fate of heading to the landfill, and instead breathed new life into it.


    Width: 55cm

    Height: 47cm

    Aztec Vintage Fabric Ruffled Tote Bag

    £40.00 Regular Price
    £36.00Sale Price
    Only 1 left in stock
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